An Online Gift Guide to Local Crafts

An Online Gift Guide to Local Crafts

So you didn't attend early-December's Crafeteria -- the 5th-annual craft bazaar put on by Frances Vintage and a great spot to find unique, creative local gifts. You missed bustling crowds, St. Francis' pumpkin soup, meeting some local artists, and picking up some really cool, creative and one-of-a-kind gifts.

But don't despair.

Most of the vendors at the craft fair have websites and/or Etsy stores (and if they don't, they should) where you can still buy their innovative crafts, (and in some cases, do custom orders) by Christmas-time.

Here are some of the crafters you missed, listed by category.

1) Larkspur Studio
Original graphic paintings on paper -- mostly featuring animals, nature

2) Stanley Moons
Cute and kid-like felted dolls and ornaments.

3) Kooky Crafts Shop
Colorful flowered wreaths adorned with bunnies and bows -- faux cake sculptures

4) Crafty Chica
Kathy Cano-Murillo glitters her way to fun and fantastic ornaments, rings and other Mexican-flavored arts and crafts.

5) Olive Rose
Fun and folksy dolls and gift tags.

6) Space Boy
One-of-a-kind hand-painted robots

Not shown:
Botanicals in Clay (sold out)

More categories and craft stores after the jump.

An Online Gift Guide to Local Crafts

1) Against the Grain
Modern metal jewelry fashioned in interesting shapes and textures.

2) Starving Artist Bazaar
Handmade glass jewelry inspired by "marbles, microbiology, science fiction and crazy pistachio gelato induced dreams."

3) Rossi Jewelry Designs
Funky pieces made from leather remnants -- unique and eco-friendly.

4) Lepoo
Andrea Bapst creates fun jewelry made from unexpected vintage objects like vintage dominoes and pool balls.

5) Space Cadet Jewelry
Christina Franco makes her original jewelry and accessories out of recycled and vintage materials.

6) Perfect Dressipe
Pins, purses, aprons and other adornments made from vintage fabrics.

7) Mignonne Handmade
Handmade flowers and vintage pieces to create romantic and artistic pieces.

8) Pretty in Peace
A variety of jewelry styles made from mixed media.

9) Lurly
Handmade goods  -- knit caps, wallets, barrettes and plush toys.

10) Vintage Rose Wraps
"Shabby and chic" headbands made from vintage fabrics and adorned with fabric flowers for an arty, bohemian look.

11) Rock on Fashions
Delicate earrings and pendants made from bass and guitar strings (but you'd never know).

Not shown:
Merry May Handmade

26 letters

An Online Gift Guide to Local Crafts

1) Against the Grain
Handmade cards and calendars featuring kid-like designs printed on recycled paper.

2) Parkside Harmony
Handmade books, journals in pretty fabrics.

3) Rainy Day Story
Funky silk-screened designs emblazoned on cards and journals.

4) SeeSaw Designs
Cute, contemporary  letterpress cards, stationery and calendars.

Not shown:
Fabulous Fabulous (currently on hiatus)

An Online Gift Guide to Local Crafts

1) Huckelberry Faye
Adorable knit caps for little boys and girls

2) Puppet Pie
Felted finger puppets in the shape of farm animals and food. What's not to like?

3) Finley and Oliver
Graphic onesies, baby hats and kid tees emblazoned with mustaches, cupcakes, deers and roosters.

An Online Gift Guide to Local Crafts

1) Verde Spring Soap
Soaps, salves, lip balms made from natural ingredients

2) Sweet B Folk Art
Ornaments shaped into expressive confections.

3) Christopher Jagmin
Black and white porcelain painted dinnerware so cool looking you might not want to eat off of them.

4) Little Addictions
Elizabeth Howard creates whimsical mixed-media ornaments and figures.

5) Urban Cookies
Gift boxes of these amazing local treats are always a welcome gift.

Not pictured:
Our Lady of Cupcakes


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