ASU Students Ranked Hottest in the Nation by Clover Dating App

Sounds like there are some really, really, ridiculously good-looking Sun Devils out there.

As if Mill Avenue and ASU college parties needed anymore advertising, Arizona State University once again is home to the hottest student body in the country, according to a study in college dating trends from a mobile dating app called Clover. The app is similar to Tinder, except that Clover shows you everyone who "likes" you. To be fair to other schools, the study was based on the most “likes” of ASU students among their peers. So it’s not exactly the most scientific of methods, but hey, it’s better than getting the most “dislikes” (sucks to suck, Virginia Tech).

It’s pretty hard to argue that ASU isn’t at least among the most attractive schools in the nation. It’s not the first time the Sun Devils won an award of that variety, and it likely won’t be the last.

What draws the hottest of the hot to Tempe? Well, it’s probably ASU’s reputation for partying combined with the ability to wear bikinis/tank tops for most of the year. It’s way more tempting to work out when you’re not bundled under layers of clothing for months, which is likely part of why the Valley’s been disproportionately attractive for quite some time.

Seriously though, invite a friend from out of town (SoCal excluded) to go out in Tempe or Scottsdale and watch their eyes light up at most of the people they see. The average ASU student (or recent former ASU student) looks a whole lot more appealing than your average Midwesterner, and the young Sun Devils roam Tempe in hordes while school is in session. Per capita, most areas just don’t seem as attractive as Phoenix. Although that's not evidenced in the app — it's just based on a wealth of personal experience. 

If you’re wondering which schools are almost as hot as ASU, they would be: University of Central Florida, University of South Florida, New York University, and Ohio State University rounding out the top five. Other winners (and losers) include University of Georgia (most kinky), University of Mississippi (most reserved, maybe BYU doesn’t count), James Madison University (wants casual dates), and Western Kentucky University (wants serious relationships).
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Josh Chesler
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