Free Things to Do This Week: Coffee and Code, Trivia, Día De Los Muertos Festival

Yes, they might reach the Creepers level of triviality at Cult Following Trivia.
Yes, they might reach the Creepers level of triviality at Cult Following Trivia. courtesy of Valley Bar
Did you blow all your cash at the Lost Lake Festival? Don't fret, we have you covered for the rest of the week. Hear stories of "ghosting" at Chatterbox, talk coding over coffee, or celebrate Día de los Muertos. It won't cost you a cent. For more things to do, visit Phoenix New Times' curated calendar.

Cult Following Trivia

Trivia nights are getting way specific, and that’s okay. There will be times you obviously won’t win and you can relax and enjoy yourself. You know, with people. And one of these days, your special niche will have its turn at bat.

Like Cult Following Trivia, hosted by Victor Moreno and Joshua Ruth, the team behind Cult Classics film screenings and the Cult Following website and podcast network. This answerfest explores the genre-spanning films that permanently gripped the cinema-loving hearts of some people while flying right under the radar of others.

Meet bilingual author Luis Ávila. - COURTESY OF AZ HUMANITIES
Meet bilingual author Luis Ávila.
Courtesy of AZ Humanities
On Tuesday, October 24, at 7 p.m., strain your brain at Valley Bar, 130 North Central Avenue. The free 21-and-over event offers prizes and $1 off craft beer cans. Visit the Valley Bar website or call 602-368-3121. Julie Peterson

Luis Ávila
We all have different ways of dealing with lousy situations. Like, what would you do if your house was robbed more than once? Pack all your stuff, stick it in a storage space, and travel the world?

That’s what writer, journalist, and media producer Luis Ávila did. And then he wrote a book about it that’s called Nómada Temporal. During a bilingual reading and conversation event with the author, you can learn more about his adventurous trip. Ávila’s journey took him through seven countries and more than 25 cities, and was loaded with experiences ranging from terrifying to glorious.

Get the vivid details from 6 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, October 24, at Arizona Humanities, 1242 North Central Avenue. Admission is free. Call 602-257-0335 or RSVP at the Arizona Humanities website. Amy Young

Coffee and Code
Whether you’re developing software or working on 3-D printing projects, being around like-minded professionals can help spark your creativity. Instead of working at home by yourself, you can be around others working with technology during the Coffee and Code from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Wednesday, October 25, at HeatSync Labs, 140 West Main Street.

Held every Wednesday, the meetup invites you to work and take time out to enjoy a cup of coffee and chat with others about your projects. Attendees need to bring their own equipment, but the event is free. For more information, go to the HeatSync Labs website. Laura Latzko
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Laura Latzko
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