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Chaos and Of The Earth Galleries to Join Efforts

Money ain't growing on trees these days in downtown Phoenix. As a result, two independently run art spaces are teaming up.

In the near future, ©haos, 801 North 6th Street, plans to move its operations to Of The Earth, the Sean and Maryana Riley-run gallery located one building south of Lost Leaf at 910 North 5th Street. ©haos, which recently made the news when an out-of-state artist pulled a Houdini act on account of Senate Bill 1070, is run by former Thought Criminals Glen Woodford and Mecca Jean.

According to Woodford , the change is financially driven. "Honestly, where we were at was great, but this will save us a lot of money and we'll be working with great people to make something a bit more profitable. However much we may hate it, it was all about the money," says Woodford, who tried to bring in additional income by printing/selling t-shirts and offering studio space to other artists. "It became too expensive and nobody else wanted to share the burden."

©haos will remain open through the end of July and will feature "foot fetish artwork" by Neal Johnson, whose past downtown-centric work includes video editing for Uncle Sku's Clubhouse.

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