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Craft a Modular Felt Trivet

The trivet seen above would not exist if it weren't for Pinterest.

I do a lot of internet surfing/"research" and am constantly coming across things I'd like to mark for future reference. Herein lies my absolute favorite thing about Pinterest -- it's a bookmarking tool, and I don't think enough people use it as such.

I was super excited to come across this as I was browsing my "CraftyTime" board recently. This trivet would have been lost in the cobwebs of my brain had I not pinned it. And thank goodness I did because this craft is pretty, simple and inexpensive to make.

The original tutorial for this trivet comes from an awesome blog called How About Orange. You should check it out.

Supplies: - Felt sheets - I used 2 to make one 6 x 6" trivet, purchased from Michaels - Template - find it here. Thanks again to How About Orange - x-acto knife + fabric scissors and rotary cutter, if you have them - cutting mat, or something else to protect the surface you cut on - pins to hold the template to the felt

Make it: 1. Pin the template to the piece of felt. Go over all the lines with the x-acto knife. If you have a rotary cutter, use it to cut through the longer lines. It takes a moment to get the knack of cutting through the felt.

2. Fit the pieces together. How About Orange offers a good photo of this process, in case it's hard to see from mine.

3. After you start assembling the pieces, you'll begin to see where you might need to use scissors to get the cuts just right. Connect as many as you need to get the size you want.

Trim off the corners of squares (see below).

Trim the excess border.

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