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Cupcake Liners: No Longer Just For Baking

Pin Up Girl is a weekly guide to all things Pinterest. Our resident pinner, Laura Gill, will take a look at some of the best eye candy from around the web, provide a few pointers on how-to crafts, and weigh in on weekly trends and highlight local and national pin fiends.

If you have an abundance of fanciful liners, or just love crafting with paper, check out this list of all the unexpected things you can do with these little paper circles.

First up is A Sculptural Paper Orb Light from Design Sponge

Give a plain old paper globe light a makeover using only cupcake liners and a glue gun! Who knew things could be so simple and yet so sophisticated at the same time?

Next is one of my favorites, A Cupcake Garland from Crafted By Lindy

Given the insane variety of cupcake liners these days, learning to craft one of these garlands means you can keep your hands busy and your space colorful for a long time to come.

The next few are perfect for summer parties -- especially since you can find cupcake liners in virtually any color or theme you could possibly conceive of.

All you need is a paper base and some glue to make a photobooth or dessert backdrop thanks to Hey Look. I love the choice of colors and the cupcake liner texture.

Party deep into the night by the soft shine of these cupcake flower lights from Oh Happy Day. This was on my list to make, but would you know that it's a pain in the rear finding short strands of simple Christmas lights in July? 

You won't have any trouble putting this together after reading the tutorial on Oh Happy Day.

Do you hate it when flies land in your strawberry margarita? This problem will no longer exist, thanks to Setting the Mood.

Finally, why not make some boozy popsicles and use a cupcake liner to keep your hands from gettting sticky? I think it's it a great idea, thanks to Real Simple.

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Laura Gill