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Cycle: Rapha Mobile Cycling Club Comes to Scottsdale This Thursday

Sure, the roadways are nearing the temps that melt rubber, but the coolest name in cycling gear is coming to town for a special early evening ride and movie night.

Hosted by Bicycle Haüs in Scottsdale, the Rapha Mobile Cycle Club is setting up shop this Thursday, May 24, fresh from its run at last week's Tour of California.

Part café, part showroom, the battleship grey mobile cycling toy store lovingly named Hennie (after legendary Dutch cyclist Hennie Kuiper) rolls into town for a 5 p.m. ride and 7:30 p.m. movie fest.

The chaps steering Hennie across North America are Rapha Continental racers Ben Lieberson and Ryan Thomson, who will be leading the ride with the Bicycle Haüs crew and brewing up the cappuccinos during a mini-fest of the brand's films.

Rapha's known globally for its cycling gear and collaborating with top fashion designers including Paul Smith. The company, based in London, has a near cult-like following and their kit and clothes are only available in 14 shops in the U.S.. Bicycle Haüs is the lone Arizona bike shop to carry the goods.

The group ride will have wheels out at 5 p.m. with route cue sheets on hand. The ride will be for cyclists of all ability levels, so no need to worry about getting dropped by Cat. 2 speedsters. Haüs/Rapha rides are known to explore some uncommon routes though, so be sure to bring along a spare and some tools, just in case. And of course, two chilled bidons minimum.

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