Downtown Phoenix's Space 55 Presents a Different 7 Minutes in Heaven Each Saturday in June

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The setup: Space 55's Late Night Series is a thing we've visited and written about before. It's alternative performance for (eventually) every taste, something we both enjoy and pine for more of.

This month, Saturday nights at 9 p.m. bring us 7 Minutes in Heaven, a thing that link kind of describes the content of, but not the concept. (Disclosure: I have performed in 7 Minutes Under the Mistletoe. Space 55 does not select or vet artists or material for its 7 Minutes . . . series -- and that is the concept.)

See also: A Bitch in Time and Arcana Cabaret at Space 55

The execution: So a couple of things you should know: Space 55's A/C in the theater proper works great now. (The lobby's a little close, but also the place to see and be seen.) I have seen everything at 7 Minutes . . . from nude simulated anal rape to a rapturous woodwind Beatles cover ensemble. So it's for, oddly enough, mature audiences.

My favorite slice of heaven this time around was local musician and occasional New Times contributor Serene Dominic recreating a James Brown concert from the '80s. I lost my breath, causing, according to host Bob Fisher, one of my few silent moments. We're advised it's not an audience participation show, but a) the performers kept asking me shit, so it's polite to respond and b) I was full of craft beer (which for me is about a flight and 1/4).

I also witnessed what was, for me personally, the redemption of Arcana Collective. Whatever the hell their name is. When you don't do the same show every time you perform, naturally some are better than others, but the alternative to honest criticism is not to review these non-recurring moments of performing arts at all, so, you know, shoot me.

While 7 Minutes has "no rules," and Arcana's sketch was gross, hysterical, creative, and well-executed, the performers throwing food (shown above) got some on the valuable and delicate musical instruments of Expat, the powerhouse duo that had been kind enough to agree to accompany Arcana's silent-film-style presentation. Not cool, bro.

Someday I'm going to embed myself with the anarchists, on the record, 'cause I support dissent but I really don't know what they want and I'm curious about our world, post-government. Like do I get to keep my sweater?

I mean, sure, you can borrow it, but I'd like it back sometime. Does it help if it's from a Dumpster or I made it myself from wool left on shrubbery by a freerange sheep and vegetable dyes? Is it still not private property? If it was from a Dumpster, does it ever get emptied? Who schedules and organizes that? How do they know that someone who also owns that garbage truck isn't using it that day?

The verdict: All the sketches were great in one way or another. Talented, committed folk. You won't know what you're going to see. Which is why you have to go.

7 Minutes in Heaven continues through Saturday, June 28, at Space 55, 636 East Sixth Street. Admission's $10. Call 602-663-4032 or purchase tickets here.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.