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Five Celebrities You Don't Want to Follow on Pinterest

Introducing Pin Up Girl, a weekly guide to all-things-Pinterest. Our resident pinner, Laura Gill will take a look at some of the best eye candy from around the web and provide a few pointers on how-to crafts, as well as weigh in on weekly trends and highlight local and national pin fiends.

If you're new to Pinterest, or even if you've been on there for a while, you've probably come to a point where you've wondered who else you should follow. 

 It's fun to look for people, boards and organizations to get inspired by. Most of the time, these searches will lead you to some great folks and ideas/

But it's just as important to know who not to follow. 

Here follows our top five picks of celebrities (or individuals who have enough time to set up a celebrity's fake Pinterest account) on Pinterest that would be best kept in the dark.

5. Ryan Seacrest 

The first off-putting thing about his account is his description, which reads, "The pins you're passionate about from Ryan and the trend hunters on his team."

And he actually has some pretty good recipes on there.... Now, a whole board dedicated to what he's wearing? I don't think that's necessary. 

4. Backstreet Boys - 

Oh boy. These guys are still around? Apparently so (or at least a dedicated fan who pins under the guise of her favorite band that's thankfully long gone). 

All you'll find here is board dedicated to each of them. 


3. Mark Zuckerberg 

Pinterest has two accounts under this name. One of them has zero pins and the other has three. 

Three total pins. 

What's the point? He (or the pinner posing at Zuckerberg) could at least keep us informed on the latest Facebook timeline changes ... or something.

2. Newt Gingrich 

Yep. Newt Gingrich is on Pinterest. 

Pinterest is supposed to be fun. A way of escaping reality, even, So it is my humble opinion that ALL politicians should just stay out of Pinterest period. 

Plus, his boards are BORING.

1. Paula Deen

I know a lot of folks won't agree on this one, but I'm mad at Paula. 

Sure you can browse her boards "in moderation," as she likes to put it, but just don't be a full-on follower. 

Unless, of course, you could really go for a pound of butter at any (and all) time of day. 

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Laura Gill