Five Video Game Weapons We Wish Were Real

Video games have long been providing the world with geekishly awesome and often ridiculous weapons with which to combat obstacles and obtain high scores. Some of these fictional weapons are so cool that we can't help but wish for them to be real. 

Here are a few video game weapons that we wish we could get our hands on.

5. Portal Gun - Portal 2

While the Portal Gun may not be a traditional "weapon," Portal 2 had gamers using it to destroy many robot adversaries and more than one insane AI. If this were real we would definitely use the portal gun to make our traveling time way less annoying. 

How about getting up in the morning, stick a portal on your wall and another the side of your usual bus? Then you could sit at home and watch cartoons, or actually eat a real breakfast, until your bus got to work, then just step out. 

Or say you have a family reunion... in Hawaii. Just stick a portal on your wall and ship the portal gun to your grandma. Bam! Everyone can step though without having to buy a plane ticket. Just remember to leave that portal open or else everyone is stuck there.

4. Gravity Gun - Half Life 2

Among a lot of really awesome technical and graphical upgrades, 2004's Half Life 2 introduced physics gameplay and as it's accompaniment, the Gravity Gun. 

The Gravity Gun can pretty much do it all, pull stuff to you, launch stuff... well that's about it. But it can pick up damn near everything. This is the one thing we want next time we have to move. Don't have a buddy to help you pick up your couch? No problem! Just pick it up with your trusty Gravity Gun and launch it in to your moving truck. 

3. Gravity Hammer - Halo 2

The Gravity Hammer is a very interesting weapon. We're not exactly sure how it is supposed to work but we know that we want it for one reason: traffic. Barring the use of an actual Portal Gun popping up for us to use, the Gravity Hammer would make a decent replacement. 

We've all been there: someone has had a tiny fender bender a few miles up the road, and while they're out trying to find the tiny scratches on their bumpers (its called a bumper for a reason), everyone ahead of you slows down just to see what is going on. Enter the Gravity Hammer. A few quick swings and you can clear the road and be home for dinner.

2. Lancer - Gears of War

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Tyler Hughes