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Fruit of the Loom is Giving Away Free Underwear on LinkedIn

The first day at a new job can be rough.

There's learning your way around the office, trying to remember your coworkers' names, figuring out what suit to wear....

And then, there's your underwear.

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As part if its Fresh Gigs campaign, Fruit of the Loom has teamed up with LinkedIn to give away 25,000 pairs of fresh undies to successful job seekers. For those users of the online professional networking site that have changed jobs or become employed in the past 30 days, Fruit of the Loom will send a free pair of tighty whities with the message, "a fresh pair for your fresh gig."

The campaign, which starts October 15 and continues for 5 weeks, coincides with the company's new "Start Happy" tagline, a marketing strategy based on the idea that putting on the right pair of underwear in the morning can impact your mood for the rest of they day (bitches in thongs, anyone?).

From the looks of it though, it seems like it will be pretty easy for users to score their complimentary panties as we can't imagine Fruit of the Loom will thoroughly investigate the validity of your new employment. So, whether you're truly making strides in your career or you simply choose to change your job status on LinkedIn, Fruit of the Loom has your ass covered.

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Katie Johnson
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