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Gilbert Model Brittany Brown Ousted from America's Next Top Model

Although she made it into the final six contestants, Gilbert-based fashion model Brittany Brown didn't make the cut to be America's Next Top Model in Cycle 19 of the reality competition.

Tyra and company gave Brown the boot in the episode "The Girl Who Came Back," which first aired on Friday, October 19. In it, the contestants went through the seasonal go-see challenge. They were paired up and had five hours to meet with reps from labels including Guess, I Heart Ronson, and Whitney Port at various locations throughout Los Angeles. At the meetings, the models showed off their dossiers and personalities, then put on some of the label's clothing and walked. At the end of the challenge, each label chose one girl to book for a real, paying gig. Brown failed to book any jobs based on her go-sees. Obviously, that didn't bode well.

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For the photo challenge, the women were "booked" into prison to snap fashionable mugshots. We thought Brown did well. Her best shot was one of our favorites she took all season. But the judges disagreed, remarking that Brown's performance throughout the season has been inconsistent (although she's had the second best photo three times) and that Brown didn't deliver the edginess they wanted to see this shoot. Then, Brown was nixed from the competition.

But, that's not necessarily the end for the Valley strutter. The next episode will reveal that one previously ousted contestant will come back into the fashionable fray based on a social media competition. Certainly Brown has a chance. We'll see.

Whether she ends up back on the show or not, Brown seems to be doing just fine as far as booking real-world modeling gigs. Recently she walked both Phoenix and LA Fashion Weeks.

Following the episode, Brown posted this message on Facebook: "Eliminated 2night & walked in LA Fashion Week, opened the show for more than 1 designer... irony. Thank u 4 all the support my Twiggybee's! Xo # can'tstopwon'tstop #faith #believe #fierce"

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