Gonzo Gonzales' Symbolic Rose, Japanese Cod and Family Portraits

Name: Gonzo Gonzales

Age: Currently 39; I've been getting tattoos since I was 18.

My Sleeves: Were done by my best friend Rick Godsey of Club Tattoo; actually, 95 percent of my tattoos were done there. My favorite one is the coy fish Rick did on my inner arm.

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My Chest Piece: Is definitely one that's close to my heart. It has my two kids' names and the rose in the center is for my wife (her middle name is Rose).

The rubies are for our birth months -- my wife and kids were both born in December and my birthday's in November. The whole piece was done by Melissa Fusco.

My Most Recent Pieces: I had two tattoos done in the past four months by Big Gus in California, who's an amazing black-and-gray artist. He's here every year at the AZ Tattoo Expo. The first one he did for me was my wife's portrait in a Day of the Dead style. It's definitely one of my favorites. And the second was a set of hands praying, holding a rosary with three crosses. I think the detail on it is just amazing.

Next tattoo? Will be the portraits of my grandfathers done by Big Gus whenever he gets back to Arizona. All three of my grandfathers were and are strong men and are a big influence in the way I live my life and raise my kids.

Hopefully I can get in soon for my full back-piece that'll be done by Rick Godsey. I started it a few years ago -- it's a crucifix and I already have the outline ... Rick just has to do his thing. It's how I like my tattoos done: I give the artist my idea and then let them do what they do and create. I think it makes every tattoo original.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.