Greenhaus Gallery + Boutique's Call for Mural Artists

If you have a 20-by-40 foot idea that involves some paint and high visibility, Cole and Dayna Reed of Downtown's Greenhaus are all ears.

The two opened an art gallery and interior decor shop in the historic building at 222 E. Roosevelt in January.

If you're familiar with the neighborhood, you've likely seen the building. For years, it housed 307 Lounge (and, for a short time, Phil Gordon's reelection campaign headquarters). Last year, the space's owner caused a stir when she allowed PBR to slap a huge, painted advertisement on the east-facing wall. It was covered bright red when the ad agreement was over. ​

Cole and Dayna agree -- it's time for a fresh coat of paint.

The two are putting a call to artists for mural ideas. There are no requirements or themes, interested artists are encouraged to send sketches, descriptions of their ideas, and cost estimates to mural@greenHAUSphx.com.

​An added bonus, the completed mural will share bricks with one of Phoenix's oldest murals by old-time local artist Ted DeGrazia (who was rumored to have painted them to cover his bar tab). His painted dancers are preserved on the interior.

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