High-End Beach Club Coming to Scottsdale

Swanky swimming pools are far from a rarity in Scottsdale. In fact, it seems like you can't swing a bikini without hitting some opulent oasis of cool blue water surrounded by cushy cabanas and bathing beauties. (Heck, they're even putting pools in the middle of bars these days.)

The folks at Triyar Entertainmentare planning on adding one more stylish swimming hole into the mix next summer in the form of the Scottsdale Beach Club.

This two-acre attraction, scheduled to open in August 2012, will be on Stetson Drive and Wells Fargo Avenue and will offer a resort-style pool as well as a number of a number of high-end amenities.

In addition to a large clubhouse stocked with video games, shuffleboard, and other distractions, the Scottsdale Beach Club will include a full restaurant and poolside taco bar, a ginormous LED video screen for movies and sporting events, four bars and lounges, a stage for live entertainment, and a plenty of VIP cabanas (natch).

The $6 million beach club is the second phase of a massive high-end entertainment complex that Triyar has been developing near Saddlebag Trail in Old Town near such nightclubs as Pussycat Lounge, Suede, and Axis-Radius.

They've already dropped some major coin building such swanky establishments as the newly opened El Hefe Super Macho Taqueria and the latest Majerle's Sports Bar.

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