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Indie ArtHouse Presents Brian Harrison @ 50: 30 Years of Artwork

​"When I was 4, I saw saguaros in an encyclopedia," says Brian Harrison. "I was obsessed with them. They're what brought me to Arizona."

Harrison says the Southwestern landscape is an inspiration for a lot of his artwork; it's the reason he lives in Arizona. The local artist turned 50 this year, and he'll be celebrating with an exhibition of his Arizona-inspired artwork at Downtown's Indie ArtHouse.

​"It's really a retrospective," he says of the collection, which will be showcased at the Downtown co-op workspace starting tonight.

The exhibition, on display for a month, includes 60 pieces of Harrison's work that dates back to October 1983.

Harrison, who once owned a textile business and worked in interior design, will include artwork that covers a variety of media, including life drawings, landscapes, botanical art, and embroidery pieces. 

There will be snacks and drinks, as well as live entertainment BY Serene Dominic and Of The Earth at the opening, which starts at 6 p.m.

Indie ArtHouse is at 1504 Grand Ave. in Phoenix. For more information, visit the event page

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