Inside 9 Phoenix Creatives' Cool Homes and Studios

With our series Personal Space, Jackalope Ranch gets an inside look at the homes and studios of some of Phoenix's most interesting folks, like artists, designers, shop owners, and entrepreneurs. Here's a look back at some of our favorites we've visited (so far).

Mary Shindell's Dynamic Dual Studios Mary Shindell divides her productive energies between two studios: one in her home tucked close to the mountains and the other located behind an industrial rigging field on Jackson Street.

With a soft, resonating ring of wind chimes, the rustling of quail, and the ever-so-often distant howl of coyotes at night, it's no wonder Shindell plans her projects at her peaceful home studio. Read more.

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SMoCA Director Tim Rodgers' Thoughtful, Eclectic, and Locally Designed Home Tim Rodgers understands that a home like his isn't for everyone. After seeing (and lusting after) the compelling architectural forms of his current residence two and a half years ago, the director of SMoCA knew it would be just the right house for him and his partner, Jeff Halakal. Read more.

Brandon Gore's Concrete Jungle ​In his Tempe studio, sandwiched between Hardy Drive and a milk factory, Brandon Gore has found himself coming to an odd full circle; the Arkansas native grew up on a dairy farm, which he describes only as "messy." Read more.

The Durkins' Modern Manor You might say that Ryan and Kylie Durkin, co-owners of Phoenix furniture boutique, Modern Manor, are crazy about interior design.

"Design is a passion," both admit.

That's an understatement. Read more.

Phoenix Illustrator Kelsey Dake's Mid-Century Modern, Hyper-Organized Studio Kelsey Dake has a very thick half-wall between her studio and the rest of her home in uptown Phoenix.

The 23-year-old illustrator stresses the importance of a work and home-life balance, which is hard to pull off when both things happen in the same space, but probably necessary when you're juggling personal projects, assignments from big-name publications, and a commission from singer/songwriter Beck (more on all of that later). Read more.

Tabitha Myers' Small, Cool Living in 559 Square Feet For Tabitha Myers, Colonial décor is too often associated with austere halls, play-it-safe art and conservative neutrals. To her, Colonial means bright, adventurous colors, and and cheeky prints -- traditional pieces with rebellious twists.

Myers, a Chandler native, brought this eclectic vision of our founding fathers back to Phoenix after graduating from law school in Philadelphia. Read more.

Jennifer Paige Boonlorn's Remodeled Beadle Loft Designer Jennifer Paige Boonlorn's sleek Midcentury modern condo in Phoenix is a clean slate for creativity with white-washed walls and simple, bold furniture.

And while the results of her latest endeavor, a handbag line called Soul Carrier, have yet to hit the shelves, a few of her favorite inspirations can be seen throughout her Al Beadle-designed loft home. Read more.

Phoenix Artist Mayme Kratz Chronicles Beauty in Creative Space Mayme Kratz proves to be an artist by nature in more ways than one. With her studio located near the railroad tracks and almost below a busy overpass, Kratz is just as industrious with her artwork as the surrounding area.

The large barred openings of the cement block studio at first seem to lock something away, but here, Kratz releases her clear observances of nature. And while she's often tagged as a resin artist, Kratz uses other natural materials in her work: seeds, leaves, twigs, cicada wings, bones, shells, cactus, beetles and, yes, sometimes snakes. Read more.

The Malloys' Hideaway ​For a young, hard-working couple, home is the place to escape from the world. Rachel and Jim Malloy, creators of Bunky Boutique have found that being entrepreneurs is not for the faint-hearted. It takes long hours and a ton of commitment. So when they do find themselves at home together, it's all about comfort. Read more.

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