J.B. Snyder's The Allery Opens in Downtown Phoenix With Multi-Artist Show

Muralist J.B. Snyder has been teasing us all week. His vague social media posts on Instagram and Facebook seem to say one thing: Snyder will be opening The Allery to the public tonight at 7 p.m. with a multi-artist show entitled "Opening Day."

The Allery is set to be an art gallery and collective studio hosted in a converted house typical of the surrounding Roosevelt Row arts district, according to the Facebook event posting for the show.

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The reception for "Opening Day" will be open to the public from 7 to 11 p.m. with refreshments, music from Just Chris, and live art to accompany the works on display.

Snyder will be displaying some of his own works in the show. He is one of many active in the street art muralist scene, his murals easily recognizable by the blocks of color presented in the style of stained glass.

In his 100 Creatives profile published on Jackalope Ranch earlier this year, Snyder said Phoenix's creative scene needs more professional galleries working with local artists to give them an affordable space to show their work.

The Allery will do just that, featuring recent works from several local artists well known in the Valley. Among these artists is Lalo Cota.

Cota, a Mexican surrealist painter, is also best known for his murals, which can be spotted on various buildings surrounding the downtown Phoenix arts district.

Pablo Luna will also be featured in the show. Luna co-owns Por Vida Gallery with Cota and Thomas "Breeze" Marcus, another local artist. Luna, also a muralist, painted several murals using color and traditional religious themes to add another layer of meaning to Day of the Dead-style murals.

Jeremy Arviso and Angel Diaz will be creating live art during the reception. Both artists have turned their efforts to large-scale murals, despite their varied backgrounds.

The Allery promises a night of conversation and collaboration with local artists away from the normal bustle of a First Friday night. Make sure to stop by tonight and find out the truth behind Snyder's intriguing Facebook teasers. For more, visit the Facebook event for The Allery's opening.

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