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Lalo Cota's Roosevelt Row Gallery Is Now Open

Lalo Cota's new gallery and studio in Roosevelt Row.
Lalo Cota's new gallery and studio in Roosevelt Row. Lynn Trimble
Lalo Cota recently opened a gallery called MoVida 602 in downtown Phoenix. The artist shared the news earlier in February on his Facebook page.

It’s located at 116 East Roosevelt Street, next to Carly’s Bistro and Golden Rule Tattoo.

The building's exterior has two murals featuring Cota’s work – including a collaborative mural that covers the entire north-facing wall, and a mural Cota painted with his daughter Devony on the west-facing wall.
Cota is best known for creating murals and paintings that reflect Mexican culture, desert landscapes, and politics. He's currently painting a mural on Garfield Galleria, which previously featured a piece by Eric Cox.

Last year, his iconic mural at Roosevelt Street and Seventh Avenue was demolished to make way for new development. That piece tackled anti-immigrant policies with images of sombrero hats as flying saucers.

Previously, Cato had studio space inside The Allery, a bungalow located at 911 North Fourth Street where several additional artists, including JB Snyder and Tato Caraveo, also had studios.

The Allery closed in early 2017 because owner Michael Elliot decided to sell the property. It’s one of many changes that’s taken place as Roosevelt Row has undergone significant transformation due to a flurry of new developments – including The Blocks of Roosevelt Row.

MoVida 602 officially opened with a group show called “Love Passion Pain” on Wednesday, February 14. Cota painted the interior walls red, and invited artists to show black-and-white works. The exhibition will also be up on First Friday, March 2.

For now, the gallery’s large storefront window is covered with a white cloth, and passersby can’t see inside the space. But the words Cota painted on the door hint at the artist’s personality: “Enter at Your Own Risk.”

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