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Mike Oleskow Resigns from Artlink Phoenix

Mike Oleskow has left his position as a board member of Artlink Phoenix, the nonprofit organization that puts on Art Detour and works to organize and promote the Phoenix arts community.

Oleskow had served on the board since January 2011, taking on the role of interim president in April 2011. In March 2013, Oleskow stepped down as president but remained a board member. He previously co-owned After Hours Gallery. It was confirmed today that he has left Artlink.

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When Oleskow stepped down from the Artlink president role last year, Hazel & Violet's Nancy Hill and Downtown Phoenix Journal's Catrina Kahler took over as interim co-presidents.

In September 2013, elections were held, making Kahler president, Hill vice president, Jill Bernstein secretary, and Practical Art's Lisa Olson treasurer.

Then Hill left Artlink in November 2013, and Sarah Levi was voted vice president. Additional recent staff changes include Kirby Hoyt being elected to the board in December 2013, Bob Diehl stepping down from the board in January 2014, and Sally Russell being elected to the board in January 2014.

{9} The Gallery's Laura Dragon, Phil Jones of Arizona Citizens for the Arts, artist Hugo Medina, and GreenHaus' Cole Reed currently round out the 10-person board.

Kahler issued this statement regarding Oleskow's departure:

"Mike helped Artlink navigate through some challenging times, stepping into a president role when the organization lacked not only officers but a cohesive board. Through his efforts and community collaboration, Artlink was able to begin evolving toward a stronger future. We're very grateful for his commitment and service to this arts community, and wish him the very best."

Oleskow was not immediately available for comment.

Art Detour 26 is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, March 8 and 9.

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