Passweird Offers Perverted Security
Screenshot of Passweird

Passweird Offers Perverted Security

New year, new password. Seriously, guys, your pet's name and your birthday fall just shy of "1234" and "password" on the list of sad ways to protect your personal information.

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Fortunately, a new password generator created by graphic designers and "weird humans" Cody Peterson and Matt Carlson is here to help.

With the free online password generator, Passweird users can create unique access codes that are not only outside the box but also their comfort zone.

According to Passweird:

"This website will create for you a password that is not only secure*, but is also so utterly repulsive that not even the most hardened criminal, identity thief, NSA agent, or jealous boyfriend would ever want to use it.

*ish, but probably not. Don't use these for real."

Uh, we're totally using these for real. Starting with "sW0L13nHoleS~459" and "H0W1ingdIcKs46>4."

To generate your own password and for a look at their awesome graphics, visit

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