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Patton Oswalt's Epic Star Wars Filibuster from Parks and Recreation Is Now Animated

There's no denying that the television powers that be were hard at work this spring when comedian Patton Oswalt made an appearance on the already star-studded NBC show Parks and Recreation.

Playing more or less a crazier version of himself, the nerd culture savant delivered an elaborate seven-minute filibuster detailing his pitch for Star War Episode VII. It brought together the story lines and characters not just from Star Wars, but also The Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man, and, heck, why not some Greek mythology while we're at it?

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Now, in an act of perfect timing -- with the fifth season of Parks and Recreation over, news of Oswalt's new comedy album, and the return of Phoenix Comicon on Thursday -- Isaac Moore has released an animated version of Oswalt's epic Star Wars filibuster, complete with audio from the show, digital cutout animation, and, of course, robot Chewbacca.

Better hunker down in your cubicle and put that conference call on hold, because you're not doing anything productive for the next 7 (possibly 14) minutes.

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