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Phoenix Comicon Kicks Off Its Annual Badge Art Contest

Geek-minded artists of Arizona, better grab your pencils and pens and get busy working on those killer sketches of Ironman, Doctor Who, or other such icons of sci-fi, comic books, and pop culture. The folks behind Phoenix Comicon are currently seeking submissions for their annual badge art contest, and - as always - the competition is gonna be fairly fierce.

As with previous editions of the contest, hundreds of local artists from throughout the state will submit their finest drawings and computer-generated etchings to Comicon organizers, who will determine which pieces are cool enough to adorn the various staff and attendee badges for this year's event (which takes place over Memorial Day weekend).

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Artists whose works are chosen as the best -- a decision that's is determined by a combination of online voting by the public and by a selection process by those behind the scenes at Comicon -- will win free admission to the event and the chance to have their work seen by thousands of eyeballs.

Although Comicon organizers encourage artists to use their imaginations and creative talents to come up with some breathtaking, unique, and impressive pieces, there are several rules and guidelines to the contest.

First off, submissions must be family-friendly and of a "PG" nature. As such, anything that's of a political, vulgar, or salacious nature (or contains product placement) will be disqualified from the contest. Art pieces also can't include any text, must be at least 150 dpi to 300 dpi, and are also required to measure the dimensions of either 4.25 inches by 3.25 inches or 4.25 inches by 7.25 inches (templates can be found via the Comicon website). All artwork also has to be submitted in both a horizontal and vertical view.

There is also a limit of three submissions per artist and the names of each person involved with its creation must be included. Artwork will be accepted in the following file formats only: JPG, TIF, EPS, PNG or PDF

Submissions will be accepted up until 11:59 p.m. on Friday, March 15, and can be e-mailed along with your full name and contact information to [email protected].

Organizers will then whittle the selection of submissions to an acceptable amount and then begin a round of online voting from March 25 until April 21. Unlike last year's competition, the voting won't take place via Facebook. Participants are encouraged to drum up support via social media, however.

For more information on the contest, hit up the Comicon website.

Phoenix Comicon 2013 takes place from Thursday, May 23, to Sunday, May 26, at Phoenix Convention Center. Admission is $15-$60.

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