Phoenix Comicon Posts Badge Art Finalists

Cobra Commander, Optimus Prime, Doctor Who, and The Avengers. Is this the makings of one of those epic comic book crossovers that always gets the geek world excited?

Nope, it's just a sampling of some on the numerous heroes and villains that were depicted by the finalists this year in Phoenix Comicon's annual Badge Art Contest.

Earlier this week, organizers of the annual four-day pop cultural extravaganza posted more than 150 creations by local artists that were considered the "best of best" in the annual competition. They reportedly receive hundreds of entries each year in the Badge Art Contest and whittle things down for the finalist round.

​Each of the entries are posted on the event's website and will be voted on by the public during the next couple weeks through March 15. The top 12 vote-getters will be featured on the badges worn by attendees and staff during this year's edition of comicon, which takes place May 24 to 27 at the Phoenix Convention Center.

According to organizers, voters can either log into their Facebook account and "Like" their favorite entries or create an account on the Phoenix Comicon website and choose their favorites that way. If voters chose the Facebook route, they can only "Like" as many entries as they chose, but only once per badge.

And after glancing at the array of finalists, it might be a tough choice to decide which are the best, as there are dozens of stunning and striking pieces, each as colorful as the rest. Some of our favorites include Matthew Smith's epic rendition of Captain America, as well as Mario Godoy's pimp portrayal of Storm and Colossus from X-Men.

Several artists created badge art utilizing some of this year's special guests. For instance, Jeffery Pina penned a comical version of Captain Picard and Captain Kirk in honor of Patrick Stewart and William Shatner appearing at Comicon.

Winners will be announced on April 2. For more info and a look at all the finalists, click here.

The Phoenix Comicon will be held May 24 to 27 at the Phoenix Convention Center. Click here to purchase tickets.

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