Phoenix Twitterverse Mourns Steve Nash's Move to The Los Angeles Lakers

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We first caught wind of Steve Nash's move to L.A. via SportCenter's Twitter about 17 hours ago, according to our timeline. A quick scan of our Texan friends' tweets somehow managed to become a therapy session about Mavs-era Nash and a possible Nowitski-Nash reunion, but old wounds heal slowly -- or however the saying goes.

This wound's raw and fresh, so we wanted to see what local Suns fans had to tweet about the 38-year-old point guard. Does their love of Nash outweigh the Lake Show hate? Hardly.

Parody Twitter of councilmember Joyce Clark isn't too pleased and turns her sights to hockey.

Let's hope Suns fans don't give Nash a Celtics-esque greeting.

Suns sportscaster Jon Bloom was disgusted, to say the least.

Okay, I consider myself a basketball fan, but Nash ain't worth my life. Mama no!

It's getting a bit intense now...

Remember what I said about old wounds? 1993, though?

Ouch, but to be fair, Dudley used his previous tweets to give his former teammate a supportive send-off.

Of course, the trade is music to local Lakers fans' ears:

Want to hear what Nash had to say? He tweeted a voice memo at 9:33 a.m., wishing you all the "championship you deserve." Just won't be from him.

How does that make you feel? Care to tweet about it? Let us know.

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