Expect to see these gentlemen leading a dance party through the streets on January 4.
Expect to see these gentlemen leading a dance party through the streets on January 4.

Phoenix's Decentralized Dance Party Reaches Kickstarter Goal, Officially Takes Place on January 4

If you're planning a major rager on New Year's Eve, consider dialing things down a notch and holding back a bit of your energy, sanity, and cash. The Decentralized Dance Party is slated to take over Phoenix just four days later on Wednesday, January 4, and it's an event you won't wanna miss.

In case you didn't see our previous posts, the Canadian-based organizers of the DDP (essentially a chaotic costumed rave crossbred with a flash mob and spontaneous street party) tentatively selected the Valley for a possible stop on their upcoming Party Safari Tour across America.

And after local party fiends generated enough local interest via Facebook, as well as raising $1,000 on Kickstarter, the DDP's organizers (who are known as just Tom and Gary) officially gave Phoenix the nod early Monday morning.

Twenty-three Valley residents raised a total of $1,017 on Kickstarter to bring the DDP to town, exceeding the goal with room to spare (albeit after organizers extended the original deadline of December 15 by a couple days).

"Thanks to everyone who donated. Party is ON," Tom and Gary wrote on the Phoenix event's Facebook page after the fundraising threshold was crossed.

So WTF is the DDP? Check out the preview below: 

If you're looking for costume ideas, the subtitle of the DDP's upcoming Party Safari Tour is "Strictly Business," which means plenty of neckties and sports jackets. "Get yourself a suit / sexy secretary getup ASAP," advises the DDP's website.

The Decentralized Dance Party takes place on Wednesday, January 4, somewhere in the Valley. 

Check out this page the night before the event for location details and start time.

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