Project Phoenix: Crocheting Dreadlocks with Jaelen Stodghill of Hair Pollution

Happy New Year, Phoenix! What, you've already broken all your resolutions? Yeah, us too. But we're bouncing back with some inspiration. Whether you've been considering a new hair style or a new kitchen project, we're here to help with Project PHX, our annual "how to" guide. Step into Pane Bianco's kitchen to learn how to pull mozzarella. Or brew beer, crochet dread locks, learn how to build an electric guitar and make a screen print. Five local experts are here to guide you. Today: Crocheting dreadlocks with Jaelen Stodghill.

It's 5 in the evening and most of the stylists at Hair Pollution salon are either cleaning up their stations or finishing up their last clients of the day. But not Jaelen Stodghill. She's just getting started for what could be a late-night affair: dreadlocking hair.

Her client, 16-year-old Karly Sampson has done her research and chose Stodghill specifically. Despite having done it for only about year, dreading has sort of become Stodghill's specialty, being one of only two locations in the salon.

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Katie Johnson
Contact: Katie Johnson