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Real Housewives Hits Scottsdale (?): Six Women Who Should Be Cast Members

Note: Since this post has been published, the Director of Communications at Bravo has denied that the show is coming to Arizona, as reported by the Republic. While Drybar may have been quick to hint of the cast members' appearances at the DryBar opening and/or the show's potential, we're waiting to hear back from Lori Citron on her involvement and the show's Scottsdale future.

Bravo, our recommendations for future cast members still stand.

It was only time before the masterminds behind Bravo's Real Housewives series picked up on the treasure chest(s) in Scottsdale.

A rumor out of Desert Living was confirmed by a Drybar representative (where the housewives may appear on Thursday) and Lori Citron, who will be a cast member of the upcoming show. Citron's husband is an anesthesiologist and she's been spotted at a number of black tie events and socialite gatherings around town.

The show's formula: five or six women within a city's high-society scene who may not know each other before the show, but are fast "friends" through outings to local shopping centers, salons, and dinner parties. The show also features looks into the women's separate home lives, family shenanigans, and batshitcrazy friends, who may seem normal until they've had a few too many martinis.

We know Lori Citron, Tina Majerle (married to longtime Phoenix Suns star, Dan Majerle), Lori Citron, wife of Gregg Citron, and Kim Lewin are reported to be on the show. That means there are potentially three spots (plus a few notable opportunities for guest stars) left.

Here are our recommendations:

1. Sheryl Cooper (married to Alice Cooper)
Filed for divorce in 1983, at the height of Alice's alcoholism, but the two reconciled a year later. Alice once said that to maintain a successful relationship, you have to "continue going out on dates with your partner." The show could capture all the crazy that is Alice Cooper, plus the acting/singing/studying dynamic of their three children, Calico, Dash and Sonora Rose. Double bonus.

2. Bristol Palin (almost married to Levi Johnston, mother of Tripp Palin)
If the daughter of Sarah Palin can commute to ASU from her new house in Maricopa, then she probably wouldn't mind trucking up to Scottsdale for an episode or six with baby Tripp in tow. The other ladies just might need to watch their hockey-playing sons.

3. Carrie Stoudemire (married to the career of her son, Suns player and self-titled "Black Jesus," Amar'e Stoudemire).
Carrie's a big fan of Lush products at Scottsdale Fashion Square, where she can be seen on a weekly basis, and known for driving without her ignition interlock device. Bravo would be crazy not bring her in for a day on the town ... with a DD.

4. Ava Arpaio (married to Sheriff Joe Arpaio)
The woman's been married to good ol' Joe for 52 years, and maintains that she's the boss at home. Ava in a room with five other Scottsdale women with the chance of a run-in with the Sheriff? Yeah, we'd like to see that.

5.Alison DuBois (married to booze and fake tobacco)
Because one guest-appearance from the cocktail slinging, ghost-seeing, baby-threatening real life inspiration for TV-series Medium just wasn't enough.

6. Sybil Francis (Married to ASU President Michael Crow)
When she's not at Sun Devil games or sporting the latest (and lamest) ASU garb, the former senior policy analyst for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy is also working at ASU or at home with Michael. Not sure if the Housewives crew takes candidates with doctorates, but she'd be entertaining.

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