(Roller) Derby Talk: Carla Torres of the Cosmic Killas

By day they're nurses, students, teachers and soccer moms. At night they pull on fishnets, lace up skates and strap on pads.

The derby (roller, not Kentucky) scene experienced a big resurgence, thanks to that Juno girl. And With slogans like "Live Fast, Die Pretty" we couldn't resist catching up with a team member to find out what it's like to speed around a track on skates in a mini-skirt and fishnet stockings.

Carla Torres, a 28 year old vet technician, is a member of the Cosmic Killas team that plays on a flat track in North Phoenix.

What's your derby name - do you get to choose it?

My name is "Julie Fuubar," a version of Julie Newmar, the original Catwoman. We choose our own names -- a few others on our team are called Scarlet Rage, Hellvis Presley and Daisy De La Whorya.

How bad are the bruises and injuries?

There are lots of bruises, we practice twice a week and also compete so that's just part of it. There are some minor injuries like broken arms but mostly it isn't bad. They teach you how to "fall small" so you don't hurt yourself or someone else.

So is all that emotion and posturing on the track like wrestling - lots of drama and faking it?

No, it's all real - that's why it's so fun. You think we hate our competitors when we're out there, but off the track it's a great group of people. The people are the best part about it - besides the wonderful thighs and butt you get.


Want to see them in action? The Cosmic Killas are going up against the Pretty H8 Machines this Saturday, May 22 at 6:30 pm at Castle Sports Club, 11420 N. 19th Ave.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.