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Safwat Saleem and Sebastien Millon Pay Tribute to Valentine's Day and Love in "Mix Tape" at 6th Avenue Gallery

Safwat Saleem and Sebastien Millon aren't huge believers in Valentine's Day, but both will admit to believing in Love.

"My thoughts on Valentine's day: It's on my list of least favorite holidays and is second only to perhaps Columbus day," says Saleem. "This kind of sentiment will be obvious at the show."

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The two local artists are joining forces this month for a one-night show of love, loss, and humor, dubbed "Mix Tape" that will take over 6th Avenue Gallery in downtown Phoenix.

Saleem says he and Millon will be encouraging guests to share stories about songs they've put onto mix tapes, to eat the snacks provided, and to pick up a couple last-minute Valentine's Day gifts for your special someone (including themselves).

Both artists have made names for themselves in the local art community creating humorous work on the subject of politics, pop culture, holidays, and yes, love.

Saleem's shown his work in galleries around Downtown, including an exhibition titled "A Bunch of Crock" in response to political advertisements and language and recently funded a series of sarcastic holiday cards through Kickstarter.

And while Millon's illustrated characters often eat each other alive, fall in love with serial killing bunnies, and rely on the friendship of drunk bears, he says love is something he definitely supports.

"My thoughts on love ... This will sound corny, but it is what I believe: There is nothing else that matters," says Millon. "To live with love, kindness, and compassion -- these are the most beautiful things we can give and share with the world."

"Mix Tape" opens tonight at 6th Avenue Gallery. For more info, check out the "Mix Tape" Facebook invite.

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