'Saur Subjects

Bone up on history's big shots at the Arizona Science Center; this weekend, it unveils the largest exhibition of dinosaur fossils ever to tour North America. "Dragon Bones" -- a 10,000-square-foot traveling exhibition -- takes guests back 248 million years, chronicling the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods through original dinosaur fossils, eggs, nests and footprints, plus a variety of displays detailing the animals terrorized by the terrible lizards. Many of the "Dragon Bones" were unearthed in China's Gobi Desert, where climatic conditions preserve dinosaur skeletons nearly intact. The collection's most curious specimens include Mamenchisaurus, notable for its long neck, and Tsintaosaurus, a hefty duckbill with a spiked nose. Families can get hands-on with an array of activities, such as testing their strength against a dinosaur's and measuring dino footprints.

"Dragon Bones" opens Saturday, November 15, and remains on display through April 11 at the Science Center, 600 East Washington. Call 602-716-2000 or log on to www.azscience.org for further information.- Jill Koch

Crunch Time

Holiday exhibit will leave you stone told

Everybody must get stoned -- in an educational sense -- this holiday season. The Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum, 1502 West Washington, is proving that the Thanksgiving dinner we enjoy wouldn't be possible without rocks and minerals. On display in the Kids' Corner, "Your Holiday Table Rocks" explains that rocks and minerals play an important role in the festivities, from the turkey -- the birds eat granite in order to digest their food -- to the utensils. The exhibition runs from Saturday, November 15, through the end of the year. Admission is free for children, $2 for adults. Call 602-255-3795, extension 10. - Eric Schandel

New Kids on the Walk

Encounter the wonders from down under

Every day is a g'day at the Phoenix Zoo, now that the new Wallaby Walkabout lets visitors encounter the little wonders from down under in a natural habitat. This weekend marks the exhibition's grand opening; for the price of admission, guests can waltz out back on the zoo's Discovery Trail on Saturday, November 15, and Sunday, November 16, for a whole oceana of Southern Hemisphere fun. While kids cavort in a brand-new play area, view aboriginal art and listen to stories of dream time, adults can sample Australian wines and try out their "dingo lingo." We predict that even the most jaded sixth-graders will want to round up their mates to meet the wallabies and hear what a didgeridoo can do. Zoo admission is $12 for adults and $5 for children 3 to 12. Youngsters 2 and younger get in free. For more information, call the zoo at 602-914-4305. -Kim Toms

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