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SkyBalls Could Be the World's Largest Flying Scrotum

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's -- a flying ball sack.

Yes, airborne testicles could very much become a thing in the United Kingdom if the country's Male Cancer Awareness Campaign gets the proper funding. The program aims to get men talking about testicular cancer and has teamed up with Irish actor Chris O'Dowd to raise money for the construction of the world's largest (only?) flying scrotum.

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According to the MCAC, 98 percent of young men survive testicular cancer when they are diagnosed early, which is why the group has made plans to build "the ultimate awareness tool" with funding from its Indiegogo campaign. That "tool" is aptly named SkyBalls. If the campaign reaches its funding goal of £100,000 by September 21, the MCAC will build a fully operational scrotum-shaped hot air balloon with the hashtag "CheckYourBalls" printed across the side.

If built, the hot air balloon is expected to last for at least 10 years, giving the group ample time to raise awareness around the globe and remove some of the stigma surrounding men's health. Via, the SkyBalls campaign:

"Increasing awareness of testicular cancer is really important. And if one life gets saved because someone sees it and is inspired to start #JustCheckingForLumps then it will more than have repaid the amount of money we will have invested in getting this project off the ground. "

Whether you're interested in raising awareness of testicular cancer or simply hope to one day see a set of giant gonads floating across the sunset, you can check out the SkyBalls campaign here.

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