Steamy Scene

Steampunk geeks might have some people convinced that the late 19th century was all about bustle gowns, goggles, and gears, but we ain’t buying it. Sure, tight-laced corsets and top hats are period, but so were cholera and Jack the Ripper. And those pretty ruffled parasols were protection against the (literal) shit dumped out of top-floor windows.

Local artist Danny Bushey, a.k.a. rustedhalo, doesn’t shy away from the era’s grittier side. “I love doing photo shoots in old abandoned buildings; using found objects to re-create sculptures, he says. “I've always been a fan of anything rusted. Some might say I'm obsessed with rust.”

Bushey’s adulterated vinyl and resin toys will be on display alongside steampunk-inspired sculptures, paintings, and more in The Rusted Nail Gallery’s “Neo-Victorian Wasteland II” show, on display as part of Mesa’s Steampunk Street IV event.

Fri., May 11, 6-11 p.m., 2012

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