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The 13 Best One-Liners of William Shatner

When William Shatner talks, people tend to listen. Not just to make fun of his tendency to deliver dialogue in hammy fashion, mind you, but also because the erstwhile captain of TV's USS Enterprise has a penchant for amusing and self-aggrandizing quips.

Shatner's famous for his galaxy-sized ego as much as his legendary stint as James T. Kirk, which means whenever the 81-year-old gets quotes, he's generally dispensing some arrogance-laced bon mot about his legacy or sexual prowess with the opposite sex (green-skinned or otherwise). In honor of the Canadian-born actor bringing his one-man show Shatner's World to the Mesa Arts Center this weekend -- which is guaranteed to be filled with plenty of funny dialogue -- we've put together a baker's dozen of his most amusing or overblown quips.

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