The Manzilian: A Whole Other (Hot, Hairy) Ball of Wax

We've been pretty clear about manscaping in the past: Do pluck your unibrow, don't shave funny patterns into your body hair; do pluck or trim nose and ear hair, but don't do this in front of us. Simple.

But for the ladies (and men) who'd like their men to be far from rough around the edges, Rio Wax Salon in Phoenix is bringing back a special Valentine's season offer: The Manzilian.

Yes, that girl behind the counter just said "wax," "hair removal" and "ball sack" in the same sentence.

The spa says the experience is meant for the "adventurous types," and that have staff members who are "specially trained" to quickly rip away a strip of wax that has cooled and clung onto every hair around your nuts. While these specialists do encourage potential Manzilas to expect a painful experience, they also say that the Manzilian is less painful as it becomes routine.

Hope the specialists expect routine black eyes.

Rio Wax Salon is at 4151 N 32nd Street Phoenix and is now taking waxing, pain free laser hair removal, tweezing, threading, tanning and vajazzling appointments for Valentine's Day and throughout Spring.

No word on the variety of sparkly penis patterns available.

Check out more information on Rio Wax Salon's website and facebook page, or call (602) 955-0899.

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Claire Lawton
Contact: Claire Lawton