Three Avoidable Fashion Trends in Fitness Apparel

Not all Phoenix fun comes with dim lighting and fancy cocktails. Sometimes, there's nothing better than endorphins, sunshine, and sweat. Lover of all things outdoors, The Outsider explores the more natural side of Phoenix.

People look kind of ridiculous when they workout. They really do.

But in the eyes of a fitness devotee, that bright neon, spandex cycling kit looks exceptionally hip.

While there are plenty more important things to worry about than looking cool -- say, for instance, aerodynamics or avoiding sweat and a horrible chafe -- we can't help but take a constructive eye at some of the newest common fitness fashion statements.

3. Skights

At first glance, the tights and skirt combo looks fairly normal (although we do not condone the skirt and tight duo). But there's something a bit... off. 

Wait, now you see it. The tights and the skirt are ONE PIECE. We thought this trend had died out with dress shirts attached to sweaters.

Fitness apparel should never revolve around fashion but this look seems to be creeping on the leggings-with-everything craze currently taking over college campuses everywhere. 

 For comfort, function, and looks, keep these two pieces separate. Otherwise you risk looking like a child running with mommy.

2. The Nite Beam

It's not like we suggest getting hit by a car or anything, and there are worse alternatives (think running in a yellow construction vest), but we can't get over how goofy they look. 

They're created for safety purposes, and we encourage safety. But does safety have to look like a raver?

3. The Old Navy Compression Line
Most fitness apparel starts at $40 and ends somewhere deep in the hundreds. It sucks. Our wallets hate it.

Naturally, we were thrilled to hear that Old Navy launched a new, very affordable, fitness line.

Sadly, it's hideous. How shocking.

Our favorite (most hated) style is in the compression clothing, specifically, the tank top. It looks like a something a middle schooler would wear to her first dance. 

 And why would a tank top need to offer compression? Compression is for recovery, and last time we checked, boobs don't usually get that great of a workout. We are perplexed.

For less hideous, even stylish, fitness apparel, head to Road Runner Sports.

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