Tonight: Spencer Tunick Explains "Performing for Camera" at ASU Art Museum's Spring Opening

Somewhere between performers and photographers exists a group of artists who have a foot in both worlds. 

These creatives utilize performance as part of their process, and the result is equal parts what was happening while the photo was made and the physical photograph.

To see this phenomenon in person (and in action), you'll want to take a trip to ASU Art Museum tonight, where 50 photographs straddle the fine line between non-fiction and imagination in "Performing for Camera."

Tonight, hear from international artist Spencer Tunick, who is known for choreographing and documenting live nude figures in public places. Tunick enlists hundreds and thousands of volunteers who form a new shape, fill a public space, and activate landscapes. 

Tunick will speak at 6 p.m. about his experiences and his recent work created with the help of 1,200 nude Israelis in the Dead Sea. 

As part of Performing for Camera, artists Charlie White and Anthony Goicolea will also present at 6 p.m. on February 21 and 28, respectively. 

​The museum opening will also be a chance to take a look at Julianne Swartz and Ken Landauer's "Miracle Report." The exhibition is the the eighth edition of the museum's Social Studies project, in which resident artists operate out of the museum's gallery space and interact with the public.

 Swartz and Landauer collected "miraculous" stories from children, students, and community members throughout January. 

Their collection of recordings, images, and documentations have been edited and installed in the gallery with the hopes of "embody[ing] some beauty, some hocus-pocus, and some unexplainable magic." 

Tonight's opening is from 6 to 9 p.m. at ASU Art Museum, 51 East Tenth St. in Tempe. And if you're looking for a eye-candy ending for the evening, check out "Soaring Voices: Recent Ceramics by Women from Japan" at the Ceramics Research Center (just across 10th Street).

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