Twipping Makes Regular Selfies Look Smart
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Twipping Makes Regular Selfies Look Smart

Congratulations, Internet. You've found a way to make planking look mildly intelligent.

Because the selfie bar can never be set too low, a new photo trend is taking social media by storm.

And yes, it looks as stupid as it sounds.

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As a lack of modesty meets a lack of physical balance, Twitter users are now posting a new style of photo posing, known as "twipping."

While there can be some variation in twipping styles, the basic idea is to capture an image of the user falling down a flight of stairs.

Often times blurry, sometimes staged, and many times photographed with the help of an accomplice, twipping takes first-person indulgence to the first floor (or sprawled close to it).

Unlike other selfie trends like planking, draping, and cat bearding, twipping is a painful expression of who you are.

Namely, someone who lives in a two-story house. Well done, guys.

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