Ultimate Consignment in Phoenix Has Closed; Mesa Location to Shutter

Ultimate Consignment, a well-loved mecca for vintage and second-hand home goods, will close its doors. The store's Phoenix location has already closed and soon the 68,000-sqare-foot Mesa location will follow suit. The latter's official closing day has not been announced yet.

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Ultimate Consignment technically went out of business on August 20 and is currently owned by a third-party liquidator, which has no plans of keeping the store's online inventory available to the public after closing the Mesa location. Since the downtown location has already closed, the Mesa store is the only location that will be offering majorly reduced prices on all of its remaining items for sale.

Of course, that's the silver lining: the closing sale. The sales offered this week are starting at 40 percent off for every two to three items purchased, 50 percent off for every four to five items purchased, and a whopping 60 percent for 6 or more items purchased. Now is the time to stock up on all those recently reduced eccentric items before they are gone for-ev-er. The sale is expected to last until Saturday, September 20, but after that it is unknown how much longer the store will remain open. We'll update when we have more details.

Au revoir, Ultimate Consignment, you have left some ginormous reused shoes to fill.

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