Welding, Spelunking, and Flamethrowing: New Times Summer Guide Is Here

Let's get one thing straight: New Times' 2010 Summer Guide won't make the Phoenix summer cool. We're writers, not miracle workers.

But we can help make the summer a lot more fun. In the special 48-page insert, available inside this week's print edition and online here, our writers explore the "Hot and Cold" of summer in this city.

On the hot side of things, freelance writer Tricia Parker explores the art of welding and Wynter Holden meets her inner flame thrower. (Did you know there are an estimated 20 or 30 "fire performers" in Greater Phoenix? Ummm, us neither.)

And if you're more into getting chilled, we've also got some options.

Chuck Wilson has a preview of the films that'll be hitting theaters this summer. (Seriously, is there any place colder than an Arizona movie theater in July?) Sativa Peterson is going spelunking -- and has ideas for cool, pitch-black caves to explore.

Finally, New Times theater/architecture critic Robrt L. Pela writes about the "Slush Life." And since Pela is one of our favorite writers of all time, we thought we'd close this post with an excerpt from his piece. Trust us, if you know Robrt L. Pela, the idea of him slurping down a slurpee is, well, hilarious:

My thirteen-year-long romance began over slushy drinks at Fat Tuesdays, a "bar" I would never have stepped foot into had I not been in the company of a connoisseur of frozen beverages (and if we hadn't both just shared an enormous spliff in the parking lot of Arizona Center, I like to believe). Both he and the bartender thought it was hilarious when I ordered Glenlivet on the rocks; I, unaware that this establishment serves only frozen Kool-Aid-and-hooch concoctions, pointed to the wall of swirling slush-makers and blurted, "Then, I'll have the blue one." Two brain-freezes later, I was shit-faced and in love.

Shit-faced and in love? Is there any better way to spend a Phoenix summer?

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