Xanadu from Arizona Theatre Company -- Just Forget Everything You Know

The setup: The 2007 stage musical Xanadu comes with so much baggage that it should be a Southwest flight. Thing is, most of that baggage is at least 34 years old. That's why people buy tickets to the show -- everything it's based on is embarrassing and awful (roller disco being a glaring but surprisingly unimportant example), but most of you barely remember it, and the show itself is a lot of fun. This month, Arizona Theatre Company lets us Phoenicians (who already have a lot to forget) take a dip in those soothing waters of oblivion.

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Julie has written for the Night & Day events calendar section since 2005. As a student at Arizona State, she received the Glendon and Kathryn Swarthout Creative Writing Award and the Theatre Medallion of Merit.
Contact: Julie Peterson