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We've got a confession to make. We're not all that green. We forget our reusable bags every single time we walk into Trader Joe's, and we may not be so great about separating recyclables at home. But there's one place where it's easy being green, as far as we're concerned: Love Child, a used kids' clothing store in Tempe. We love to reduce our carbon footprint by buying cute, previously worn shoes for our kids at this small shop where the selection is wide and ever-changing. The staff is super friendly and accommodating to our diva children, who take over the dressing room whenever we visit. And bonus: We love to trade our gently used kids' clothes in exchange for credit so we can buy more. It may not be easy being green, but at Love Child, you can outfit your kid without guilt — and save some of that other green, too.

If you haven't seen toddlers sporting Morrissey and Joy Division onesies, and little T-shirts reading "Cure Hair Don't Care," then you probably haven't seen the work of Tiffe Fermaint. She's a mom and owner of Baby Teith, a "line of cosmic, New Wave fashion for babies and kids ages newborn to 14 years old." One look at this clothing line, and you'll swear somebody's kid out there is dressed cooler than you are, donning New Wave and alternative band shirts, shimmering metallic leggings, and spacey prints like galaxy, moon, and rainbow dragons in the form of little dresses, skirts, shorts, and tops. Accessories include psychedelic headbands. Gift cards are available. In addition to boutiques in Texas, New York, California, and other states, Baby Teith can be found around town at spots like Frances, Cheeky Chic Baby Boutique, and Whole Foods Market locations around the Valley. 

Designer denim takes some getting used to — there ain't as much give as your standard jeans — but once you've properly broken in a pair, the look and feel's unbeatable. The folks at HUB have the best selection in town of raw and organic cotton jeans for both men and women, from hip brands like Naked and Famous, Won Hundred, Diesel, Acne Studios, and Nudie. The staff there knows what's what, too, and they'll clue you in on all the tricks (mostly, don't wash 'em) to keep your dungarees in fine shape, along with accessories and outerwear to pair them with. 

Perhaps you're familiar with the notion of skirting the issue. The stylish team at Bunky Boutique has more of a yen for, um, shirting it. Owned by Rachel and Jim Malloy, the small central Phoenix shop is our favorite place to pick up casual cotton tops. You know, T-shirts. With super-soft shirts from local labels including Overthrow Clothing and an in-house line that's equal parts Bunky love and Arizona pride, dressing locally and looking great has never been this easy (or, for that matter, comfortable). 

Looking to up your boot game without breaking the bank? Here's your spot. We once snagged a pair of studded brown beauties for under $100 and a perfect pair of basic black boots for less than we'd spend on date night. At Cowtown Boots in north Tempe, you can often score quality, brand-name boots at seriously discounted prices. We're talking all the best brands — Justin, Ariat, Tony Lama, and more — at prices that will make it difficult not to walk away with a half-dozen pairs. Located on the northeast corner of Scottsdale and Curry roads, the shop may not be the fanciest place to do your shopping, but if you're looking for that perfect boot to round out your collection, then it's worth digging through Cowtown's shelves in search of a gem.

Like it or not, the athleisure trend is only getting warmed up. And luckily for Valley dwellers looking to get in on the action, Scottsdale Waterfront shop High Point has been in on the kicks game for a while now. A veritable sneakerhead's paradise, the boutique shoe store stocks men's and women's footwear, ranging from old-school canvas lace-up Vans to retro low-top Jordans, perforated New Balance 696s, and Pumas so pretty they'll make you wanna cry. No sneaks are complete without some coordinating casual wear, which is why High Point also carries clothing, hats, and accessories from brands including Herschel, Acapulco Gold, and Stussy.

Sure, running can be a low-maintenance sport, but any real enthusiast knows a good pair of shoes makes all the difference, and for that, you'll want to jog on over to Runner's Den. Since 1978, this north Phoenix boutique has been the go-to place for runners, racers, and athletes of all types who know you can't do much without the right equipment. The shop's knowledgeable staff will happily help you find the perfect pair of shoes for any type of training, plus all the additional swag you need to get yourself from point A to point B. From training essentials like hydration belts and the newest Garmin watch to race-day needs like gels, sweat-wicking shirts, and the perfect socks, Runner's Den has what you knew you needed and some stuff you probably didn't. Plus, the shop's a hub for the local running community, offering group runs, training groups, injury clinics, and even discounts for coaches.

Someone stole the front wheel off our Down Hill hardtail. So, it sat in the garage for a couple of years. By the time we got around to getting that wheel replaced, our poor old (new) bicycle needed a full service before it was going to be street-ready again. We took it straight to the Slippery Pig, a place we knew was home to expert riders and obsessively tidy mechanics that get all turned on by bikes. It's where we bought our last two bikes, and we remember how the salespeople there were more interested in fitting us with the right bike than they were with selling us more than we needed. Because these guys don't sell anything they wouldn't ride themselves, we knew we'd be getting top-of-the-line stuff: road, hybrid, fixie, mountain bikes, street bikes, racers, and bikes for kids, too. We knew we could always bring our bike back to be lovingly serviced by the same caring hands that sold it to us. With more than 15 years of matching bikes with riders both novice and expert, the guys at Slippery Pig get our vote.

People love their bikes in Tempe, and the Bike Saviours Co-op is a great example of this. Located across Roosevelt Street from Boulders on Broadway in Tempe, Bike Saviours is a public, nonprofit, volunteer-run bicycle education center available to teach cyclists and the community bike repair, maintenance, and safety. Backed with the tagline "We Save Your Bike," your confidence in these people should be soaring. The co-op offers services like Fix-Your-Bike, Build-a-Bike, volunteer training, and a Women's Workshop, and provides donated parts and tools, an array of repair manuals, periodicals, books, videos, and Park brand truing stands at 10 workstations. Use of the Bike Saviours shop will cost $4 an hour, capped at $12 a day, with options to work or trade for shop time as well. Bike Saviours also hosts special events, including Bike Parts Art Nights.

It must be disonancia cognitiva. Right around the time we quietly landed on our theme for this year's Best of Phoenix issue — Border Town — we began to notice that Changing Hands Bookstore was sponsoring Spanish-language events, including a story hour for kids. That's just how it seems to go with Changing Hands — it's like the staff can read our minds and know what we want, like a second indie bookstore in Phoenix, with a wonderful bar with killer coffee, a great wine and beer selection and good snacks, and expanded programming, including workshops. They even knew that in the middle of all the changes with the arrival of the Phoenix store, we didn't want a single thing about the Tempe location to change — and it hasn't, not to our eyes, anyway.

No matter what language you say it in, Changing Hands remains our city's bespectacled, nerdy-in-a-hip-way, always-generous BFF. Let's keep it that way. Buy local.

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