Authentic EthioAfrican | Central Phoenix | African, Ethiopian | Restaurant
Chris Malloy

Authentic EthioAfrican

During the pandemic, most restaurants switched from full service to takeout. At Authentic EthioAfrican on McDowell Road, the team did just the opposite. During the downtime, the restaurant transformed from a takeout-only spot into a sit-down destination complete with wooden furniture and decor brought directly from Ethiopia, a new cocktail list and a traditional coffee service. Individual meals are offered, but we recommend bringing some friends as sharing is the way to go. Combinations are served with an array of colorful dollops on a massive round plate and include meat and vegetarian options with tangy, rich stews. Try the spicy chicken doro wot, aromatic collard green gomen, or garlic-laden lentil meser wot. A salty and creamy homemade cheese adds a cool bite to the hot entrees, and everything is served with fluffy, slightly sour, bubbly injera, a flatbread that is at the center of Ethiopian cuisine.