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Barrio Urbano

The third of five restaurants to carry acclaimed restaurateur Silvana Salcido Esparza’s Barrio brand offers lunch and dinner menus featuring distinctive appetizers and entrées. Quesadilla de Jaiba piles bits of good crab, tangy goat cheese, spicy pico de gallo and a slice of avocado atop fresh corn tortillas. Mula de asada are corn tortillas filled with Oaxaca cheese, bits of grilled steak, black beans, and avocado, seasoned with onion, cilantro, and jojoque crema atop grilled tomatillo salsa verde. Among the few simple entrée choices is the cochinita pibil, which marries marinated pork with chopped red onion and pico de gallo. Enchiladas Urbanas is a signature dish of three cheeses — Oaxaca, Monterey, and chèvre — piled into crepe-like corn tortillas with sautéed spinach and dressed with a snappy crema sauce and toasted pinons.