Beckett's Table | East Phoenix | Contemporary, New American | Restaurant
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Beckett's Table

Alissa Irei
This Arcadia eatery just passed its 12th year of operation, a feat accomplished thanks to the efforts of double husband-and-wife team owners — sommeliers Katie and Scott Stephens and Justin and Michelle Beckett. Justin Beckett is the executive chef and co-owner of Beckett's Table and its sister restaurant Southern Rail, but there's something about Beckett's Table that raises the profile of the dining scene along Indian School Road in this specific part of Phoenix. Maybe it's the actual community table, which can't be missed upon entering the restaurant. The multiseat high-top is best enjoyed during social hour, when a number of Beckett's signature dishes are on special — like the deviled egg of the day. Many menu items demonstrate the fact that Justin Beckett has been in the kitchen since he was 9 or 10. Favorites include the signature fork-tender short ribs, and the city-famous fig and pecan pie. A weekly menu for curbside pickup is available at the Beckett's Table website.

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