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Lauren Cusimano

Duck and Decanter

Jamie Peachey
Going to Duck and Decanter for a lunchtime sandwich, or a Nooner as they call it here, is like visiting an Icelandic cafe. The A-frame, faux chalet structure is not just a sandwich joint, but also a small grocery, wine bar, cheese shop, and of course, deli. To take your sandwich to go is to deprive yourself of a major part of the experience here. Why not browse the gourmet coffee selection and pick up a canister of Café Du Monde coffee and chicory? Or take a stroll through the place, pondering whether you want to dine at one of the cozy downstairs tables, the spacious upstairs dining space, or the twinkle-lit, dog-friendly patio? Or do you just order your giant sandwich right off, deciding between the Reuben, the Genoa, or classic roasted turkey? The Duck originated in 1972, growing to three locations then sizing back down to this one, but this impressive spread not far from the original location at 16th Street and Camelback Road is a forever gem in Phoenix's dining scene. D&D also has a message for "Beloved Restaurant Guests" on its website: "Take out? YES! Curbside? YES! Delivery? YES! We've been doing just that for nearly 50 years, and we're really good at it."