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Fibber Magees

Owned by the same lads that operate the Skeptical Chymist, Fibbers is also a popular Irish pub of the traditional bent. Its authenticity extends beyond just having Guinness and Harps on tap and Jameson behind the bar. The place is loaded with Celtic curiosities aplenty -- from antique cigarette signs to various and sundry trinkets. It also prides itself on filling patrons with "craic," a term straight from the Emerald Isle describing an uproarious vibe, much like what you might witness on any given night when live music and ample drink specials are offered. Bonus -- there's a real chef in the kitchen, cranking out some truly top-notch cuisine. This is way better than average pub grub, with silky smoked salmon, homemade brown and soda breads, fresh grilled fish, and an incredible shepherd's pie. Read our review.