Sarah Whitmire

Flavors of Louisiana

Sarah Whitmire
Flavors of Louisiana is a popular Avondale-area Cajun and Creole restaurant that has been serving the far West Valley for almost a decade. Neighborhood locals come often for the restaurant’s selection of home-style, classic southern Louisiana cooking. You’ll find a bevy of deep-fried appetizers, including thinly sliced fried green tomatoes and nicely fried hush puppies. This is a good place to try fried alligator, which you can enjoy in one of the restaurant’s tartar sauce-dressed po’boy sandwiches. The restaurant’s entrée menu includes very credible renditions of classic jambalaya, a wonderful étouffée that features a thick, garlickly roux sauce, and a Cajun Trio plate that you’ll order just to get your hands on one of the restaurant’s mega-popular crawfish pie.

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