Fry Bread House | Central Phoenix | Native American, Southwestern | Restaurant

Fry Bread House

Neighborhood: Central Phoenix
The Melrose District, especially the Melrose Curve along Seventh Avenue in central Phoenix, is one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in the city, chockablock with mural-covered coffee shops and colorful new bars. The family-run Fry Bread House is a longtime Melrose staple that far predates the more recent arrivals in the neighborhood. It opened in 1992 and has been serving traditional Tohono O'odham food here ever since. The James Beard Foundation-recognized eatery offers a variety of regional menu items like tacos, burros, stews, and tostadas. We recommend the signature, namesake pillowy fry bread — often stuffed with ground beef, beans, and cheese, or topped with sweet chocolate.
Lauren Cusimano