Jump Street

So, walking is cool and all. But wouldn't it just be so much more fun to jump everywhere? Yeah well that's exactly what you can do ay Jump Street in Chandler where there are trampolines as far as the eye can see. Below your feet and on the walls there are large black trampolines so you can strut your best high jump skills or try to master awesome tricks like a run-up-the-wall-and-do-a-front-flip. And if you're super adventurous or skilled as a jumper then maybe you'll want to get in to the trampoline dodgeball courts where you have to dive, duck, dip and yeah, dodge to avoid getting a big red ball in your face. For an additional fee you can also take a dive (well, ok, a jump) into the foam pit or finally be able to dunk thanks to their trampoline basketball courts. There's also a mechanical bull, walking sticks and an arcade. Come on. What more do you want?